Better Neighbors

Better Neighbors – Country over Party

Being a good neighbor, indeed a BETTER NEIGHBOR, takes effort and work. A choice. A commitment. In today’s divided times, being better neighbors at the most local level is the only way for us to bridge divides and help heal our nation. We have a lot of mending to do — in Utah and across the U.S. We will identify specific ways in which residents throughout Utah — from Kanab to the Avenues, Tooele to Bluff, Delta to Vernal, Logan to Cedar City — can contribute in our diverse hometowns and neighborhoods: park clean-up projects, food donation drives, community elder care, homeless shelters, in our national parks and forests, and so on.

Today’s corrosive partisanship undermines our country’s interests. We believe in COUNTRY OVER PARTY. We will emphasize policy areas — areas of common ground — that can lead to a cleaner environment, improve our national security, and strengthen relations with allies. In other words, a values-led U.S. that can still inspire and help lead the world. We also commit to exploring and supporting ways in which money can be separated from the governing of our country. Private interests must not come before the public interest or public good.

Why run for the U.S. Senate now?

Because our politics are failing our people, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us.

Seven years in two wars taught me a lot about endurance, friendship, leadership, death, empathy, courage – physical and moral – and more. My experience as a representative of the U.S. State Department in some of the most violent areas of Iraq and Afghanistan also showed me how elected representatives are charged with life and death decisions in matters of war and peace. Unfortunately, not enough well-meaning Members of Congress measured up when military leaders and I briefed them. Their questions were often disconnected from the realities we faced on the ground.

Our country is divided at home while challenges grow abroad. Even with a strong economy, the strain is obvious.

Given this background, I believe now is the time to bring my experience to public service and run for political office and am seeking the Democratic nod for U.S. Senate from Utah. The 3.4 million people who live in Utah deserve to be better represented.

The elections in 2022 and 2024 are critical to our state and our nation. In addition to national security issues and the U.S. role in the world, our representatives should prioritize daily concerns of Utahns. Being better neighbors requires constructive dialogue. Elections are best framed by common interest not narrow special interest.

Some of these top priority areas include: healthcare and the ACA, good jobs & living wage, ending childhood poverty, public lands, tax fairness, clean air, drought & water conservation, infrastructure investments, labor rights, and equality.


Please consider joining our team. Working together in the weeks and months ahead, we can make progress on the policies that our state, country, and others around the world need.

Listening Tour

Our campaign has begun a many-mile listening tour throughout the state. We look forward to hearing from residents and learning more about the issues you believe are most important.

We become better neighbors by listening to one another.

Kael Weston Nawa Canal