Statement on election results

Statement on election results

I have long believed and said publicly that elections are about voters’ choices.  

And that I trust voters.   

Voters have decided. We should accept these Election Day decisions about who will represent us.

Democrats – who have the back of the American people – had a message nationwide that resonated despite historic headwinds. Extremism was on the ballot. Many extremists were defeated. 

Here in Utah, the entire Weston team and I worked hard to do our part – from Cache County to Iron County, from Magna to Monticello – to support good candidates. I myself knocked on almost 600 doors.  

Utah deserves a healthy political marketplace, where every candidate has competition on the ballot. More than one choice and real debates on issues are critical in our fast-growing and diversifying state. Far too many Utah voters are taken for granted by supermajority rule or ignored altogether because of egregious gerrymandering. This different definition of the so-called “Utah Way” must be challenged. Our state should not leave hundreds of thousands of Utahns discouraged and disenfranchised. This democratic deficit is especially glaring at the federal level of Utah’s representation. 

We Democrats will continue to put the interests of hardworking families and the public good first by protecting democracy and focusing on affordable health care, good jobs, women’s rights, safeguarding Social Security and Medicare, infrastructure investment, as well as equality, clean air, water conservation, public lands and much more.    

Thank you to all the candidates, campaign teams and volunteers throughout our Beehive State who made the case to voters this election. Congratulations to those who will represent us and our neighbors in elected office.

For all the Utah Democrats in particular who did not win this year, I urge you and your supporters to stay involved. Running for office takes courage. You did something significant by standing up, speaking out, and stepping forward in a challenging political environment.  

All of us have more to do, together, to keep Utah and our country moving forward. I pledge to do my part and for as long as it takes. 

Politics at its best is about big things – not small things, about the future – not the past, and about the people – not politicians.

Our shared work, important work, across Utah goes on.


–Kael Weston
November 9, 2022

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