Human Costs of U.S. Foreign Policy

Civilian Experience of War

Human Costs of U.S. Foreign Policy

I just received this message from an endangered Afghan. It reinforces in me another reason why I’m running for US Senate in Utah.

Endangered Afghan

I want to help bring attention to the ongoing human costs of US foreign policy — for our veterans here in Utah & across America but also those faraway whose Homefronts became our Warfront.

John Kerry



The “civilian experience in war” is one of the subjects I teach Marines across ranks — corporal to captain to colonel — at Marine Corps University.

Civilian Experience of War

Weston Afgh

Let’s not forget that America’s Longest War … goes on — for Afghans. And let’s do all we can to help refugees locally. Utah’s tradition of welcoming new neighbors from the world’s most ravaged areas is one of our finest.

My seven consecutive years in Iraq & Afghanistan while with the US State Department (2003-2010) was very dangerous work — but very meaningful as well.

My Senate campaign is also about the US role in the world. Lessons learned. And some that should have been …


Flag Tree

Originally posted on Twitter January 21, 2022.