Democratic policies are helping

Weston donor letter

Democratic policies are helping

I’m running for U.S. Senate because Utah voters deserve elected leaders and policies that will bring political balance to our fast-growing state

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During my 2020 campaign for Congress in Utah, I learned a lot as our team & I met many voters across 14 counties.

Utahn after Utahn conveyed how Democratic Party policies are helping them, real people & real families — particularly all those who get up early, get home late, then do it all over again.

These two notes I received stay with me as reminders of the human stakes in the U.S. Senate election in Utah this year & why Democratic policies will always be worth fighting for —

There’s a reason why 500,000+ Utahns voted Democratic in 2020 & will likely want to again, across many elections.

They vote for their families.
They vote for their kids.
They vote for their future.

Weston donor letter

Weston 2020 Letter

Originally posted on Twitter January 19, 2022.