Donor Voices: Why I Support Kael Weston

Donor Voices: Why I Support Kael Weston

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for your continuing support of our campaign. For those of you who know me well (many of you), you know that I believe in public financing of campaigns. Asking for money is hard. And yet, our elections must not be limited to millionaires or billionaires, all the self-funders, or those who like to chase money at fancy receptions in our nation’s capital. I even address this topic a bit in my book (pp. 146-47) in the chapter titled, “When Senators and Generals Talk.”

In that section, I explain how few U.S. senators read the full National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) about Iraq and its alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) before voting for the Iraq War. I wrote: “I had images in my mind of many fancy dinners in D.C., while senatorial ‘homework’ of the gravest kind went ignored and many lobbyist checks were deposited into (D) and (R) reelection accounts.”

If elected, I promise to work hard to get money out of politics.

Some of the most rewarding messages I have received are from donors. Examples: an unemployed person gave us ten bucks; another recent contributor is an Amazon delivery driver; several retired librarians (who better to vouch for a campaign than this word-wise and literary lobby who have long fought against books being banned) have donated; numerous nurses and doctors, who are today’s new frontline, believe in our effort; grade school teachers and professors, too; experienced lawyers and active retirees who live across CD2’s beautiful landscape have been generous; along with current and former ambassadors and State Department diplomats and a retired Marine 3-star general now living in Tennessee. I am also grateful for support from the 90210 Zip Code and from Chicago, from a Hollywood movie star and a Nobel Laureate in economics, both of whom believe in our message, among so many others.

But there is one note I would like to highlight. It recently arrived from a rural Utah town and is included below.

Thank you for making this campaign possible. Every dollar helps spread our message. Again, if elected, I promise to work hard to get money—as much as possible—out of politics.

Please stay in touch. I enjoy hearing from you.
Kael Weston


Why supporters have become donors

As a registered independent voter and small business person, I wholeheartedly support Kael Weston for Congress. I know I won’t always agree with his positions on some matters, but I also know I can count on Kael to make decisions based not on party loyalty first, but rather what is in the best interests of our country and the people in his district…. all of them.

Rich J.
Murray, Utah


Why Toru donates to Kael Weston


Kael Weston’s candidacy gives me a sense of hope. He is driven by a genuine desire to effect positive change. Kael is willing to make the personal sacrifices of his valuable time and limited resources required for this courageous undertaking. My financial contribution is the least I can do to help propel him to success.

Clay P.
Draper, Utah


Why Kael Weston? Chris Stewart’s constant support of the Administration, in the face of Trump’s continual distortion of facts, is alarming. Kael Weston’s experience in the State Department and specifically with contentious factions in Fallujah seems to place him in a perfect position to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Pete S.
Retired Mechanical Engineer
Bountiful, Utah


Kael is a thinker, a diplomat and gifted writer. Kael knows substantial hard work is necessary to achieve substantial results. His empathy and concern for fairness and building connections among people committed to democracy shine through his public encounters and statements. Kael Weston will not sell out America for money or personal power.I have begun reaching out to friends, and friends of friends, to support Kael. I am re-allocating scarce campaign contributions and charitable funds to increase my monthly contribution to Kael‘s campaign. I am persuaded by the gravitas, breadth of experience, depth of thought and electability that Kael demonstrated, that he can—and will—replace the energy-owned Stewart person who has occupied UT CD2 entirely too long.

Virginia L.
SLC, Utah


Why Cathy donates to Kael Weston


[Kael’s] education and experience in the state department uniquely demonstrates the qualities needed in a good representative i.e. someone who takes the time to listen to all sides, and then tries to find common ground to meet everyone in the middle. This ability to find a compromise is a skill that was employed by the founding fathers of our country and is what ultimately made us so strong and formidable. I liked [Kael’s] comments about making few promises, but always keeping the ones he makes. This is a sign of honest talk. Thank you, Kael, for giving me hope!

Nancy O.
Washington, Utah


A few months ago Kael Weston traveled to the county I call home, to have a sit down discussion with voters. I was soon impressed with his willingness to listen. His style that evening was to allow time for everyone who wanted to share their concerns, to have that opportunity. He often says that everyone should have a seat at the table. He genuinely means this and as I’ve had further discussions with him more recently, this attribute continues to shine through. Kael deeply cares and is committed to the the concerns of Utahans throughout the second congressional district.

Lat S.
Kanab, Utah


I’m supporting Kael because I believe he has the leadership, knowledge, and compassion to lead CD2. The current global health landscape has made it even more clear that we need leaders who value our health…. There isn’t anyone I trust more to make decisions at Capitol Hill.

Maggie R.
SLC, Utah


Why Dave and Rosemary donate to Kael Weston


Kael Weston would be a great representative for Utah, but more than that, he would be an asset to our nation. The United States has not had functional relationships with our allies and has been led astray by our enemies over the past four years. We need someone in congress whose perspective is not just local or national but encompasses this complex and ever-changing world. That perspective would benefit both Utah and our nation.

Jeff E.
Tropic, Utah


I can think of no one more worthy of representing the people of Utah and our country than Kael Weston. In his book, he eulogizes the young Marines from small and scattered places, unknown to most of us, who gave their lives in places like Afghanistan’s Helmand province… Kael pledged to visit the grave sites of all those with whom he was most directly involved, and he honored them by visiting with their families. His intelligence, humanity, courage, and ability to inspire others make him the public servant our hearts and minds long for—someone who values the lives and concerns of others even beyond his own.

Nancy D.


My name is Chad and I am a 25-year old from Vermont. I’m proud to support Kael Weston for Congress. Kael has served our country in some of the most demanding circumstances imaginable, and the perspective that service brings is sorely lacking in Washington. Americans are represented by too many politicians who order bombs dropped on places they don’t care to understand and start battles fought by soldiers they don’t bother to know. Kael‘s message resonates even for those of us who have never set foot in Utah, and I am honored to support his efforts to promote it.

Chad E.-K.
Louisville, Kentucky and Vermont