A healthier political marketplace

Kael Weston opinion in Salt Lake Tribune, April 26, 2022

A healthier political marketplace

After the Utah Democratic Party convention, Kael Weston published an OpEd in the Salt Lake Tribune about the importance of Democratic voices in every political race in order to bring balance to the “Utah Way.”

“Over 500,000 of our Utah neighbors voted for a Democratic candidate just two years ago. . . . We are a formidable block of voters when united and motivated, around one-third of the state. The Utah Legislature’s recent extreme gerrymander of political maps had already made Democratic voters feel as if their votes do not count. This is especially true in our state’s most diverse neighborhoods.”

He makes his opinion about the outcome of convention clear.

“In this year’s U.S. Senate race, there will be no Democratic nominee. . . . This is a decision that I accept but do not support.”

Kael Weston, Salt Lake Tribune. Published April 26, 2022.