“Representative” is a title to be earned and maintained

“Representative” is a title to be earned and maintained

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our traveling campaign team and I continue to put a lot of mileage across Utah’s roads, both paved and rutted—almost 3,000 miles in the last few weeks. As I downshift my old truck’s gears on a regular basis, I keep hearing the same message from people:

Chris Stewart doesn’t visit.
Chris Stewart doesn’t listen.
Chris Stewart doesn’t care.

I visit. I listen. I care.

And I believe “Representative” is a title to be earned and maintained through hard work, not presumed. Our campaign will never be set on cruise control.

Our Voices & Vistas project is intended to give residents of CD2 the opportunity to share the priorities that are important to them. Whichever party they might identify with—we are not playing favorites while out on the CD2 Trail. We also have taken, literally, to the air, with a drone. It has enabled us to capture how dramatic and special CD2’s landscape is. Public lands worth protecting.

I encourage you to watch and to listen to these videos. You will learn a lot about Utah as a place and Utahns as a people in this crucial election year.


Voices: Cody, Richfield (pop. 7,908), Sevier County (2:45).


CD2 Vistas (4:29).

You can find the complete playlist of Voices & Videos interviews on our YouTube channel. Take a look. Urban voices will soon follow.


Your contributions to our campaign make a difference. Your dollars help us contact voters and show Chris Stewart that we have grassroots support while he continues to spend time behind closed doors, disconnected from Utahns, with corporate lobbyists.

I am running to represent you. Listening = learning = understanding. Utah and our country sure need more of that as we battle COVID, speak out for real police reforms, and challenge Trump policies that make the world less safe for all of us.

One example: on Twitter, I commented about news reports that the Russian Government put bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan.


Kael Weston on Twitter


The hard work of our growing team—Lori, Tai, Julie, Gwen, Judy, Lance, John T, Will, Lynn, Safia, Kim, and our 93-year wise man, John Z, plus deep bench of policy experts (aka, “desk officers”) and 100+ volunteers across CD2—make this campaign happen.

As do you. Thank you for your time and support, which is critical as we approach only four months to Election Day.
Please stay in touch. Share your own stories and priorities or question with me directly.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kael Weston & Team