Political Violence Is Hard to Stop Once It Starts

Political Violence

Political Violence Is Hard to Stop Once It Starts

Seven years in two wars taught me a lot — not least, how hard political violence is to stop once it starts. #January6th

Political Violence

And how fragile our own democracy is. On the CD2 campaign trail, I could almost hear the fabric of our country ripping — often instigated by the small politics of small leaders (Stewart, Owens, Lee) in our nation’s biggest jobs.

Political Violence

The terrible & tragic day of January 6, 2021 should always remind us to fight political division, and apathy, even as we find common ground across Utah & our country.

In 2020, I talked about our campaign logo. A lot.

Forearm to forearm — locked.
Beyond a handshake.
Utahn to Utahn.
American to American.

Weston logo arm to arm

A year after January 6 we remain divided. We remain a fragile democracy. We still need political accountability.

It is going to take all of us who care enough, to bridge our deep divides — and insist on the truth, not more lies.

Political violence

I believe a reunited States of America, indivisible, is possible but it is going to mean a lot of work, perhaps a bit of forgiveness between neighbors & family members too, and much vigilance.

Let’s all do our part — and for as long as it takes.

Political ViolenceUnity Day

Join me & others this evening in Salt Lake:


Originally posted on Twitter January 6, 2022.