Stories of Character & Perseverance

Kael Weston

Stories of Character & Perseverance

Friends and Supporters,

Kael here. I wanted to write to you directly regarding today’s message because these are the people who know me best and in many different capacities. Their stories helped motivate me to run for political office.

Elections are too often about the size of campaign war chests funded by lobbyists with little regard or attention given to what I believe are the most important dimensions of leadership: experience, trust, judgment, honesty, accountability, transparency, and empathy.

And character and perseverance.

Politicians, in other words, should always remember that they work for us, for the common good—and that public service is an honor and not a platform for self-absorption, pettiness, or division.

Watch this video (6:40) to hear people who know Kael talk about his Service, Empathy, and Leadership.

Each of the clips in the video above comes from a longer, personal story from someone who knows me well. You can watch all of the videos in one Character & Perseverance Playlist on our YouTube channel.

I hope you will take time to watch these videos. All of the people in them were generous with their time in sharing stories and the reasons why they believe I should be elected to Congress. You will hear a diverse cross-section of voices and contexts: ranging from my time in the war zones, the process behind writing my book, my strong commitment to veterans, perspectives on my teaching in Utah, among others.

I would like to thank each of you for your support and, for many of you, our longtime friendship. This critical election year needs to be about making our country better and not just for some of us—but for all of our neighbors and diverse communities.

If nominated and elected, I promise that I will always put people first. And I will always remember who I work for:


These serious times truly do demand serious leadership.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Kael Weston